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There are dozens of business networking events on the Gold Coast every month. If you find you’re meeting the same people and not getting anything new from your regular business networking groups, then it might be time for a change.

SUNS In Business was established to help the Gold Coast business community connect on a deeper level. Our businesses are the backbone of our community, and the greater our connection, the better our region can be. Learn more about getting the most from B2B networking and how our professional networking events work for our SUNS In Business members.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, we host a variety of business networking events Gold Coast locals love.

Business Networking Groups Gold Coast

Business Networking Benefits

When You Attend Our Events.

Our SUNS In Business networking events are a great way to expand your network, grow your knowledge and find partnerships to help your business. While you may find clients through SIB we are proud of our program’s professional approach to networking and how we encourage businesses to connect & create partnerships. However, our events are not just a sales pitch. When you attend a SUNS In Business Event Our members are there to create genuine & lasting relationships with likeminded business owners & professionals.

Some of the benefits of our SUNS B2B networking include:

  • Building a strong reputation for your business.
  • Growing your network of relevant professionals.
  • Generating referrals.
  • Connecting with a wide range of people.
  • Getting career or business advice from industry experts.
  • Increasing visibility for your business.
  • Finding potential talent for roles within your business.

If you’re looking for a Business networking group that really cares about your business then the SIB is perfect for you. Don’t just take our word for it, since our inception in 2023 we have facilitated connections for over 70 businesses across a variety of industries.

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Upcoming Networking Opportunities

Tired of the same old

business networking groups on the Gold Coast? Try SIB

Our SUNS business networking group was launched with the sole intention of connecting the Gold Coast business community on a deeper level. Since then we’ve grown to over 70 businesses. Everyone from small local businesses to high-profile companies our events are for you.

We boast a wide variety of industries who attend our Gold Coast events, including finance, law, marketing, construction, superannuation, development and more. This is your opportunity to make connections with some of the Gold Coast’s most influential names, business owners, decision makers and other important figures.

Footy Fan or Not

Our Professional Networking Events Are For You.

While we’re big fans of the footy, we’re even bigger supporters of Gold Coast Businesses. This makes our SIB program perfect for anyone looking to expand their network, especially those who might not know much about football.

Our SUNS in Business members receive tickets to six main events throughout the year, giving you opportunities to meet new business connections. With our SUNS Hospitality team here to make introductions, you’ll build your network of professionals from a range of industries to help your business and give you new opportunities. These opportunities have led to incredible partnerships already, and you can join them.

Join Our Business Network For

business networking opportunities

Expand your network with the SUNS in Business Program. By joining our Gold Coast SUNS network, you’ll receive:

  • Two invitations to three SUNS in Business networking lunches throughout 2024.
  • Two invitations to the SUNS in Business Rooftop function at People First Stadium in 2024.
  • Two invitations to the Coach Connect networking event.
  • One invitation to the Official 2024 Gold Coast SUNS Season Launch.
  • A listing on the SUNS in Business online member directory.
  • Access to the SUNS Hospitality team for B2B introductions.
  • SUNS supporter membership.
  • Member pricing for GC SUNS Hospitality ticketing to nurture your network.

Enquire now to learn more about joining the SUNS in Business and its full list of benefits.

Our Business Networks FAQs

What is B2B networking?

B2B (or business-to-business) networking is the process of establishing and forming relationships between one business and another. People who attend business networking events include business owners, sales representatives, business decision makers, industry experts and more looking to build their network in the community.

How is networking useful in business?

Networking is useful for businesses as it can help grow the business’s visibility, and reputation, and also help build new relationships and partnerships. These partnerships and relationships can give you a competitive advantage, using your network for referrals and sharing of ideas and information between information. This can be valuable for setting yourself apart and finding new clients.

The Gold Coast SUNS In Business membership is the perfect way to network with local businesses & establish new partnerships.

Are business networking groups worth it?

When it comes to networking groups what you get out of networking is only as much as the effort you put in. Business networking groups can be very worthwhile if you invest yourself in the process.

SIB is also a very affordable investment compared to other networking groups and is known for the deep connections & partnerships it fosters. This means you’re bound to see the value in our business networking events.

How Do You Make the Most of Business Networking Opportunities?

You get what you put into business networking opportunities. Being prepared before you attend business networking events will help you make the most of every opportunity, making it a worthwhile investment for your time & money. Some top tips for making the most of business networking opportunities include:

  • Attend networking events with an open mind.
  • Dress the part with the intention of making a good first impression.
  • Ask questions to show your interest in the people you meet.
  • Be prepared with business cards.
  • Set goals of why you’re attending networking events, whether to find clients, find new connections, etc.
  • Follow up with the professionals you meet.